Education & Training

Pediatricians play an important role in a child’s oral health and overall health outcomes.  Children who may not be able to see a dentist are well served by pediatricians who are knowledgeable about oral health.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that children see a dentist by age 1 or 6-months after the first tooth eruption.  The AAP is committed to providing pediatricians with education, tools and resources in efforts to provide children optimal health care.

EPIC Oral Health – Integrating Infant Oral Health & Perinatal Oral Health into Routine Well Care

NJAAP created a community curriculum for organization to educate their team on the importance of oral heath for a child and their family.  During the 60-minute education session, individuals will:

  • Learn to educate and empower Community Health Workers (CHW) to become Oral Health Advocates in the communities they live and work
  • Understand oral health risks factors affecting children age 0 to 3 and the importance of referring children to a dentist by age 1
  • Provide tools & resources available for families in New Jersey
  • Build partnership with key community stakeholders to address oral health prevention from a holistic approach

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Become an Dental Champion

Join NJAAP in their efforts to improve oral health care for children in New Jersey.  Become an Oral Health Champion in your Community. Oral Health Champions are identified as a pediatric dentist that is selected and trained by the NJAAP to identify, recruit, train and mentor local dentists and pediatricians on the importance of preventive oral healthcare for children especially between the ages of 0-3.  Dental Champions are essential partners in ensuring that healthcare professionals have a linkage to the medical and dental home and are well-trained valued partners in meeting the needs of young children in their communities.

If you are interested in becoming a Dental Champion, please contact us at

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